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Healing and Resilience Australia Inc. (HARA) walks with individuals and communities through the aftermath of disaster.


HARA was founded in response to the Northern NSW floods in 2022, our aim is to support those who had lost so much. 

Our team live in Northern NSW and have lived through the experience of the floods, and previously bushfires. We realised the magnitude of these disasters early on and have been engaging with the community to develop services to support people in their recovery. As mental health workers we are, naturally, concerned for the wellbeing of those affected. 

After the initial priorities of food, water and accommodation, mental health is so often forgotten in a disaster aftermath. However, without a healthy mind, we as humans discover quickly that life can become extremely difficult.


Feeling safe, discovering meaning and finding peace again, is a vital part of recovery. 

As a team, we have years of collective experience walking alongside those who have been traumatised or negatively affected by life's events.


When we connected after the floods, forming HARA seemed  the natural next step. We knew that together we can do more - be more effective and empower more people - as we take the step to meet people where they are.

About HARA Inc.

Meeting People Where They Are

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Meet The Team


Gina McMaster

Director / Psychologist 

As the Founder of Resilience and Recovery Northern Rivers, Gina combines her nearly 30 years of experience treating trauma as a Psychologist with her passion for connecting people through community development.


In addition to providing counselling services. Gina leads the therapy team and liaises with the community to ensure our programs reflect the needs and culture of the people that we serve. She works collaboratively in developing partnerships with other community and government organisations.


Brittany Sabat

Counsellor / Equine Specialist

Brittany is an accomplished Counsellor and Group Facilitator, with a long background of working in the Out of Home Care and Aged Care Communities. Brittany was previously working alongside Queensland Health before joining the HARA team. 

In line with HARA's commitment to meeting people where they are, Brittany specialises in Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) and providing counselling support in rural settings. Brittany has two years of training as an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, a therapy mode with a strong evidence based foundation when working with trauma recovery.

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HARA would be honoured to support you, your community or your organisation in your journey to healing and restoration. 

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