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1/2 Day Program

Overview & Content

Equine Assisted Therapy is an evidence based therapy model that combines the expertise of mental health professionals with one or more therapeutic horse. Through sharing this time with the horse and taking part in the activities of the day, you will be uniquely support to learn more about yourself and yourself in connection.

Boundaries are important in defining who we are as we connect with others. Sometimes our boundaries may have been trampled on or disrespected so we have built walls to stay safe, or even lost them all together. This can be the case in natural disasters where nature has broken our boundary lines to our properties, well intentioned helpers have stripped homes bare, ill intentioned people have taken advantage when people are at their most vulnerable, and insurance companies or other authorities have been unkind or unsupportive.

Come and explore your relationship with your personal boundaries and consider if that fit who you are and what you need in life. This program is helpful for understanding how you interact with others will help you to develop strategies when changes are desired.

Is this for you?

Equine Assisted Mental Health sessions have been shown to support individuals with personal & psychological concerns, including:


        ADD & ADHD

        Low Self-Esteem

        Relationship difficulties

        Stress, anxiety, depression or trauma

        Communication Skills

        Questioning unhelpful thoughts

        Letting go of unhelpful thoughts and feelings

        Shifting perspectives and healthy boundaries

        Attachment Issues (difficulty feeling safe in relationships)


Tassuriki Ranch, Empire Vale

Saturday & Sunday

19th - 20th of August 2023

Saturday: 9AM - 3PM

Sunday: 9AM - 12PM

Small fee may be incurred

Want to know more about Equine Assisted Therapy? 

Limited spots available.

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