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1 Full Day + 6 Week Program


Mindfulness is a term used quite a lot in many therapeutic and/or spiritual environments. As a result, we can often misunderstand or draw conclusions around what is involved in a mindfulness program. Mindfulness can look different for everyone, and finding what mindfulness works for you can change your life.

At HARA, when we talk about mindfulness, we are talking about:


The basic human ability be fully present where you are, and the practice of resting our overthinking minds.

Our program, Finding Peace Within, focuses on bringing awareness to what mindfulness looks like for you, and what tools help support you to access this place of peace.


Throughout this program, we provide the opportunity for you to try out different approaches to help with everyday problems. Interwoven into this new skill is self-compassion, and understanding that, when trying something new, often we can become our harshest critic. During this program, we remember to be kind to yourself as you grow.

Content & Topics

Each session offers a balance of relaxation and mind focusing activities including; meditation, breathing techniques, movement-oriented meditation (let’s face it not everyone can sit still for long periods of time) and reflection activities to consider different ways of approaching life such as changing your thoughts, emotional reactions and behaviours.

Mindfulness Topics: 

            Connecting with your body

            Calming a busy mind with breathing

            Naming and understanding emotions

            Introduction to how the brain works

            Questioning unhelpful thoughts

            Letting go of unhelpful thoughts and feelings

            Shifting perspectives and healthy boundaries

            Communication skills – active listening and clarifying

            Conflict resolution and assertiveness


Wardell Community Hall

Tuesday Evenings

21st of Feb - 28th of March

6:30PM - 8PM

Full Day 

25th of Feb

9AM - 4PM

No Cost Involved

Limited spots available.

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