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Ways HARA can support you

Immediate Response

Immediately post disaster we can have a team come to your community to support you and your town in those early days with Emotional First Aid to help reduce stress and trauma in the days ahead. 

Stress Reduction 

Any disaster can bring with it so much uncertainty, fear, anxiety and worries leading to constant stress. Empowering you in group sessions with understanding of what's happening for you physically and emotionally plus giving you some tried and proven tools you will be better equipped to not only deal with the stress but also see that stress reduced.

Equine Therapy

A connection with a horse is a  unique and wonderful privilege. Equine therapy is proven to support trauma, emotional and psychological healing and we are thrilled to offer you this life changing therapy.

Town Events

At some stage we all crave a sense of belonging and community again after a "big event". Town Events help bring about a sense of belonging and also much needed fun!

Stronger Than Before

We often feel very ill-equipped when faced with disaster, though we can't change the past we can strengthen our ability to deal with future massive change. Resilience enables us to not only 'bounce back' but to 'bounce higher' than before! Contact us about how we can facilitate group sessions. 

Calm in the Chaos

Life can often change far too quickly in a disaster so that everything feels chaotic and out of control. With some simple tools calm can be experienced, even in the midst of the continuing chaos.

Grief & Loss 

Dealing with the sense of loss and grief post a disaster can be overwhelming. HARA can create a 'space' for your community to process this time of sadness collectively or as individuals.

Walking From Trauma

Trauma can affect anyone, at any time. Basically it's brought on by the need to face something we are unprepared for or not equipped to cope with. Disasters definitely can fall into that category & can bring about trauma for anyone. We can support groups or individuals through their trauma so that healing is possible.

Individual Counselling

Sometimes a private one-on-one counselling session is what is needed. Call us and book in for a free session with one of qualified and experienced team.

If you or your community been affected by a natural disaster and would appreciate our support please contact us!

HARA would be honoured to support you or your town in your journey to healing. 

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Get in touch with us if you want to know more about how we can help you and/or your community.

In most cases, we will contact you within 48 hours.

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