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Organisational Support

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At HARA, we want to support you to build resilient and empowered teams within your organisation.

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Resilience @ Work

At HARA, our team is trained in The R@W Sustain 7 model. This is a simple yet powerful model that creates a common language within workplaces around resilience. 

Based on the Resilience at Work® (R@W) Scale which was published in the Journal of Environmental Medicine in 2011, R@W offers individual resilience training, team resilience training and leadership resilience training and is catered to your specific organisation and needs at the time. 

Employee Assistance Program

At HARA, we offer organisations access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Through our EAP, we aim to help support the individuals within your organisation find support in times of stress or crisis, both within the workplace and within their personal lives. 

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Critical Incident Debriefing

At HARA, we want to support organisations who have experience incidents that may have an impact on the workplace environment and/or specific individuals. 

Meeting people where they are is the heart of HARA, so with any incident or concern that is raised in relation to the wellbeing of your staff, we will be ready to meet your need and provide a safe place to support your organisation. 

Want to make an appointment or find out more?

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