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Supportive Groups

Creative Journey

3 Week Workshop

Creative Journey is our Art Therapy Group dedicated to finding ways to express ourselves when it is difficult to find words. 

This Term's Creative Journey focuses on your personal experience of the March 2022 Norther Rivers Natural Disaster.

11th July - 25th July 2023


Ballina - Location TBD 


Normally $75.

FREE for Flood Survivors

Finding Peace Within

1 Full Day + 6 Week Program

Practicing Mindfulness on a regular basis has been scientifically proven to benefit people’s lives & recover from traumatic experiences.


In this program we share a range of different ways to find inner peace & wellbeing. It is important for you to find what suits you best.


During the 7 weeks, you can learn new skills and approaches to face challenges & unexpected changes in life.

Many people who have completed this program say it was life changing.

Dates To Be Determined

Contact Us to find out if and how to run a group in your area! 

No Fee

Stress Management

Open Program

This 3 hour session will help you find ways to manage the stresses and challenges we experience in everyday life as we rebuild after the effects of natural disasters. Stress comes from many things including changes to our financial security, living circumstances and the pressures on relationships and work life. 

These tools will support you in your business, personal and social life as you find strategies and new ways to manage the parts of life that we cannot control.

Evening Sessions

Dates & Location to be confirmed

No Fee

Equine Groups
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Intro to Equine

1/2 Day Program

When it doesn't feel comfortable talking to people, spending time with our therapy horses can help you find authentic support and experience a new sense of peace.

This group session is a great first taste of equine therapy as well as an opportunity to learn new stress management skills.

29th of July 2023

Tassiriki Ranch, Empire Vale

Normally $97.00

FREE for Flood Affected


Boundaries are important in defining who we are as we connect with others. Sometimes our boundaries may have been trampled on or disrespected so we have built walls to stay safe, or even lost them all together.

Come and work with our horses as you explore what your boundaries are and develop a new awareness and skill on bringing your boundaries into your everyday  life.

19th -20th of August 2023

Tassiriki Ranch, Empire Vale

Normally $195
FREE for Flood Affected

Finding Direction

Intro to Equine + 1 Full Day Program

After great loss or a sudden change of circumstances, finding our next step can feel impossible. 

As you partner with the horses, you take the step together to finding, not just where you are going, but what might be blocking the path, as you find new ways to connect and brave the journey.

Dates To Be Confirmed


Tassiriki Ranch, Empire Vale

Normally $135

FREE for Flood Affected

Safety in Connection

Intro to Equine + 1 Full Day Program

When we have experienced hurt, loss or abandonment, feeling safe in connection can feel impossible. 

Horses have an incredible way to connect without judgement or expectation and are incredible at meeting us where we are. 

Come and learn with our horses as we practice staying safe in relationships and connection.

Dates To Be Confirmed

Tassiriki Ranch, Empire Vale

Normally $135

FREE for Flood Affected

Intro to Equine + 1 Full Day & 1/2 Day Program

Want to know more about our supportive groups?

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