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What is
Equine Assisted Therapy?

Equine Assisted Therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic practice that combines qualified mental health practitioners with one or more horse. By including horses in the therapeutic process, people are supported to learn more about themselves, become more aware of their communication and learn new skills in their connection in relationships and solving life's challenges.

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Why Horses?

Horses are prey animals that live in herds in order to keep themselves safe. Because of their vulnerable nature in the wild, horses are naturally very present beings, remaining in the moment to ensure their safety. They carry a constant awareness of their environment and, as they have adapted to working alongside humans, have become experts at reading body language and understanding human emotions. It is this awareness and grounded presence that makes them the perfect support in the therapy field.

As a herd animal, horses value genuine connection and trusting relationships. Their behaviour is often influenced by the emotions of those around them and, because of their value for authentic connection, horses create a space for us to align and understand  ourselves.


Horses live in the present momnet and have no bias  this allows them to provide  instant feedback as they respond to the shifts in our nervous system. Horses see us as unique individuals, and ask that we show up in relationship with them as honestly as we can, and they promise to do the same. Their gentle and clear communication makes working alongside them a powerful, experiential and safe place to learn more about you.

What does a session look like?

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Equine Assisted Therapy involves being in the presence of horses during the therapy process. Due to the nature of this therapy, and the understanding of the value of being present, no session looks the same. 

These sessions are NOT ridden sessions, but focus on connecting with these horses on the ground, also known as groundwork. 

Each session can involve a variety of activities including: 

        Grounding alongside the horse(s).
        Spending time watching and interpreting the
horses communication.
        Connecting with the horse(s).
        Working in relationship with the horse as you try
various horsemanship skills such as walking alongside each other and building space and boundaries in the connection.
        Working together to make your way through obstacles.
        Spending time connecting a horse through grooming and physical touch.
        Spending time connecting to a horse through simply being with the horse(s). 
        Engaging in art therapy in connection with the horse(s).

Each person wanting to engage in these sessions is required to wear enclosed shoes to take part in these sessions (no steel-capped boots).

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Want to experience Equine Assisted Therapy?

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